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BluetoothWorks Wizard allows you to detect all Bluetooth-enabled devices around your computer
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1 June 2009

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Transferring data from one device to another other usually comes as a time-consuming process; no matter the devices involved are two mobiles, or a mobile and a PC. You often have to wait for long as the files are transferred individually. However, you can get rid of the laborious and monotonous process, and transfer data simply by drag and drop between devices. For this, you’d require installing BluetoothWorks Wizard application, as it supports detecting active devices around your PC, and allow data transfer just by drag and drop. The Wizard provides OBEX FTP capability allowing you to exchange files within Bluetooth devices. A highly-customized report control is provided for displaying, sorting, and grouping the results of Service Discovery and Bluetooth Device Inquiry.

The BluetoothWorks Wizard allows creating New Folder, deleting Folder or File, Folder/File browsing, and copying files within remote Bluetooth device and computer. You can activate the program to find the active Bluetooth devices around your PC to begin the data transfer process. The program lists entire devices discovered over the interface from which you can select any for data transferring. It separately displays devices and services within Desktop and Phone sections. In addition, you’re show details like device name, address, last seen, last used, etc to help you recognize the ones earlier used. You have to go through the sequential steps for carrying out the file transfer task effectively. Selecting two devices, you’ve to move to further step, where you can explore the devices’ content and copy data from device folder to other’s directory. You can even preview the images and other files with thumbnail view, and finally press ‘Finish’ when you’ve completed the task. In addition, the program generates log of the activity, which can be cleared with ease.

BluetoothWorks Wizard application delivers impressive performance in data transfer from one device to another, or within a device and PC. The utility deserves the ratings at 4.5 point for its competent feature-set and credible and smooth functioning.

Publisher's description

BluetoothWorks Wizard allows you to detect all Bluetooth-enabled devices around your computer and discover all services that are offered by discovered Bluetooth devices.
The results of Bluetooth Device Inquiry and Service Discovery are presented in highly-customized report control that enables grouping and sorting the results by variety of criteria. For example, the devices can be grouped by Device Type (such as Computer or Phone) and device Subtype (such as Cellular phone, Smart Phone, etc.). This kind of grouping is done by simply dragging and dropping the report control's column header to the ribbon located above the control's columns.
BluetoothWorks Wizard includes support for OBEX FTP (File Transfer) that allows you: Folder/File Browsing, Creating New Folder, Deleting Folder or File, Copying files between computer and remote Bluetooth device.
In addition, you can view Thumbnail Images of the photos on remote Bluetooth device and preview full-size image in your web browser.
BluetoothWorks Wizard
BluetoothWorks Wizard
Version 1.5
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Samuel Sullivan
Didn`t work for me. maybe it don`t support vista. I get an error mssage sayin invalid operation by btwiz. or something very similar. Maybe it needs a better installer or something. I need this for my phone. Send me a working version of it please. at thanks
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